Shop Fitting

Innovation in waste handling and recycling runs deep within our group of companies. With vast knowledge and experience than spans decades in all aspects of waste collection treatment and its end use. One of our branches from this has seen us expand into full shop fit-outs and re-builds.

Our Products

The Reworked Effect.

Reworked is now utilising the vast knowledge and team of partners to bring new products to the market made from waste materials that are collected and treated by the groups various arms. Utilising internal manufacturing helping close the loop with waste products.

We offer a full service from the collection, treatment and processing of many waste types and then utilising them into new products either to the open market of back into the original producers supply chain or products for use in every day life.

Our Process

Items like partially degraded plastics from waterways, canals, seas, lakes rivers. Or found in clean ups of verges, fields etc cant often go into manufacture of new usable plastics. Until now.

Our Story