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Our standard boards are made from 100% mixed waste plastic. This is usually classed as “unrecyclable” plastic and includes bottle tops, crisp packets, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, garden toys etc and means that there could be particles of wood and paper mixed in. Don’t worry, the plastic is cleaned and cooked at over 200 ̊C during processing.

These 100% recycled plastic a-boards are perfect signage tools for restaurants, bars, shop and stalls etc. They are an eco friendly alternative to virgin plastic boards and have many uses. They are great for businesses to use as display boards, and are also good for home use as displays for parties and events.

Sizes: Various sizes are available, please get in touch.

Colours: Due to the materials being made of up many different polymers, no two boards will be exactly the same. If you want to request a specific colour product, please get in touch.

Email sales@myrefactory.com for more info or to discuss your requirements.

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