Pet food Recycling Box

<<< All recycling boxes have a current lead time of 3 days >>>

Pet Food Recycling Box are made specifically for plastic food and drink pouches, sachets and plastic packaging from pet food. Fill the box with eligible items & send it back to ReWorked! The ideal zero waste solution, to avoid unnecessary landfill usage.

This box is designed specifically for pet food plastics and packaging only – if you wish to recycle more general plastic waste consider our mixed plastic recycling box.

Accepted items

  • Pouches
  • Sachets 
  • Food bags
  • Soft plastics
  • Packaging from vitamins
  • Packaging from treats
  • Plastic pet toys

Unaccepted items – Hazardous, unsuitable or glass

  • Food & liquid waste (or items coated with)
  • Cigarette waste
  • Medicinal blister packs (can be collected in its own box)
  • Electronic waste (phones, laptops etc)
  • Biodegradable plastics // plant-based plastics (can be collected in its own box)
  • Clothing & fabric waste
  • Hazardous waste (sharps, flammables, reactive materials, corrosives, ignitable, toxic) anything presenting a danger to people or the environment
  • Batteries
  • Pressurised canisters or aerosols
  • Glass
  • Medical waste // surgical waste
  • ABP waste (animal by-products)

How it works

Order: Select which size plastic recycling box you require and place your order. We will get it to you swiftly!

Fill: Collect accepted items & fill up your box.

Ship: Call 01482 221110 or email us at to arrange collection.

Re-Order: Order a replacement box to continue recycling.

Find out more about the board making process here

What is included

  • One Reworked pet food recycling box (your choice of size)
  • One recycled box liner
  • The processing & recycling of your waste materials – guaranteed!
  • Customer support from the ReWorked team 

Shipping restrictions

The service is currently only available in the UK. With increased shipping costs for Ireland, Jersey or Gurnsey.

Please ensure your filled box weighs no more than 20kg for the return postage to be valid.

Reworked recycling box safety guidelines

  1. Only send us items that are included within the accepted list. Anything included that doesn’t fit our requirements causes contamination issues, resulting in time-consuming sorting processes at our recycling plant. 
  2. Do not send hazardous waste. Including, but not limited to: batteries, pressurised canisters & aerosols, paints, pesticides, sharps, biomedical waste, soiled nappies or medication. Do not send anything potentially dangerous to peoples health or the environment (sharps, flammables, reactive materials, corrosives, ignitable, toxic).
  3. Do not send wet/dripping items. Please wash out your containers and plastic waste before putting them in your box. Ensure everything is dry before placing them inside. The box and its contents must be completely dry to be shipped. 

If you require larger quantities of waste to be recycled, contact us at

We know our customers are great at following the rules, but please double check your box before collection to make sure there are no unsuitable or hazardous waste items that could pose an issue to our machines and hard working staff. Thank you.

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