What We Do

Reworked take waste or recycled products from waste and re-introduce it back into the supply chain or manufacture bespoke products such as furniture.

Our Products

Born out of the need for a new approach

We specialise in the harder to handle materials. Materials often classed as residues when other recycling has taken place and the more valuable or usable elements removed. In terms of plastics this is the mixed or contaminated residues. Could be mixed plastics that cant go to extrusion. Items like laminated black food trays, cosmetic and homecare packaging. They may have foils, glass or food elements still present.

Items like partially degraded plastics from waterways, canals, seas, lakes rivers. Or found in clean ups of verges, fields etc cant often go into manufacture of new usable plastics. Until now.

We can utilise old wood materials, fabrics, glass residues in various products too.

One of our main products is ‘StormBoard’ an 8×4 foot 25mm board made from the very difficult to handle plastics. Originally designed as a replacement for Wooden plyboard to help reduce our demand and over use of wood. This versatile material is now used in a huge array of products by many joiners, shop fitters, building merchants and general home use.

Our waste and recycling partners now provide the majority of the plastics that make up the board and in turn utilise the board across the companies and customers from where it came. Completely closing the loop.

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Plastic is everywhere in our day to day life now and the conseceunces are now being seen on a day to day basis. Our over use of this material and attitude towards its disposal has left our planet in despair and at a point nearing no return.

Plastic in its many different forms is a very good versatile material. And is not going to disappear from our lives. We will disappear from its life well before that time!

Moulding our future

Our ever growing demand for convenience has pushed the single use plastic market beyond a point where industrial world wide infrastructure can handle it. Leaving vast amounts of materials discarded on land, seas, rivers, lakes ponds. All over the world having a huge negative impact to every part of our life and the lives of everything we share the earth with.