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November 24, 2021 4:39 pm Published by

Compostable Packaging Made Easy

Compostable Packaging Made Easy There is a movement to reduce the reliance on plastic packaging and a race to find new alternatives. Although reduction in packaging is a critical and […]

November 16, 2021 4:03 pm Published by

Soft Plastic Recycling

ReWorked are known for tackling hard-to-recycle plastics & waste, recently making waves in the industry for their PPE, cosmetic & Soft plastic recycling schemes. You’ve seen the headlines; many supermarkets, […]

November 2, 2021 10:25 am Published by

Our Carbon Negative Recycling Commitment

Our Carbon Negative Pledge We’re dedicated as ReWorked and as MyGroup to being carbon negative across all our recycling operations. We track & trace the carbon footprint of each of […]

The worlds first beach waste Christmas tree
October 11, 2021 1:07 pm Published by

The worlds first beach waste Christmas tree

This festive season, we introduce the world’s first beach waste Christmas tree – a sustainable alternative to your tree. Our Christmas trees divert hard-to-recycle plastics, often collected from litter picks, […]

return recycle repeat bodyshop scheme reworked
August 19, 2021 9:46 am Published by

Return, Recycle, Repeat launches with The BodyShop

ReWorked, MYGroup & Scan2Recycle are thrilled to announce the launch of Return, Recycle & Repeat with The BodyShop – whereby customers can bring their cosmetic & beauty empties in-store to be recycled.  It’s […]

Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme
January 25, 2021 12:31 pm Published by

Helping to clean up Brighton’s beaches

ReWorked has happily begun a collaborative project to help clean up the fishing & angling waste littering Brighton’s beach fronts. The Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme is a national scheme […]

#2MinuteBeachClean litter picking station beach clean
January 20, 2021 1:50 pm Published by

#2MinuteBeachClean Trash to treasure

ReWorked are thrilled to be collaborating with #2MinuteBeachClean on their latest project; dubbed “The biggest breakthrough in beach cleaning in 15 years” by The 2 Minute Foundation’s CEO, Martin Dorey. […]

resure policy reworked closed loop recycling
December 3, 2020 10:25 am Published by

What is the ReSure policy?

Here at ReWorked were always going one step further in ensuring our closed-loop system is indeed closed. Our ‘ReSure’ policy means that we will aid all those that sign up […]

Sustainable recycled tin can Halloween lantern crafts
October 21, 2020 1:55 pm Published by

5 Sustainable Halloween Hacks

Halloween has us all screaming with excitement, especially the little ones. Unfortunately, it usually goes along the lines of “Please can I have this giant plastic spider!!! And oh oh, […]