How to dispose of face masks in an environmentally friendly way

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause chaos around the world; the question remains of how to ensure face mask disposal is environmentally friendly. As covid-19 waste (including masks, gloves & other PPE) builds up and increases the issue becomes all the more prevalent. In many Asian countries such as China & Japan, face masks…

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Reclaim The Mask #reclaimthemask recycling sustainability covid-19

#ReclaimTheMask – What is reclaim the mask?

The Problem So, what is #ReclaimTheMask all about? Reclaim The Mask is a recycling initiative by ReWorked – created to reduce plastic pollution caused by COVID-19 disposable masks & gloves. The coronavirus pandemic has seen a considerable rise in the use of single-use face masks. Globally we are currently using 129 billion face masks &…

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Sustainable recycled tin can Halloween lantern crafts

5 Sustainable Halloween Hacks

Halloween has us all screaming with excitement, especially the little ones. Unfortunately, it usually goes along the lines of “Please can I have this giant plastic spider!!! And oh oh, we need these vampire’s teeth”. The plastic consumption surrounding spooky season is enough to scare anyone. To help you have a more sustainable Halloween, we’ve…

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Recycle at Boots Scheme

We’re delighted to be working alongside retail chain Boots with the launch of a new in-store recycling scheme for its customers.   Many beauty, health, wellness and dental items can’t be recycled traditionally due to their size, what materials they’re made from and various other factors. We’ll be taking all the items collected in Boots…

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