Recycle your festive plastic waste with our Christmas Box

Recycle your festive plastic waste with our Christmas Recycling Box!

Approximately 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown away and not recycled in the UK this Christmas…

That’s why we have introduced our Christmas recycling box!

Ever wondered what happens to all your plastic waste at Christmas time?

Plastics are polluting the environment every single day and the damage they cause is increased during the festive season! Sweet wrappers, old tinsel and broken baubles, packaging and damaged toys are all plastic items that are typically hard to recycle at home with local council facilities and end up in landfill, incineration or the ocean!

Festive fun shouldn’t cost the planet. With our Christmas recycling box you can be sure to responsibly dispose of all hard-to-recycle plastics over the festive period.


Christmas parties and festive celebrations produce a lot of plastic waste from single use cups and plates to party decorations. Our Christmas recycling box is aimed at all non recyclable plastic waste produced over the holidays. You can recycle a huge range of items including sweet wrappers, tinsel, baubles, decoration, broken toys, empty cosmetics packaging, packaging from toys and products, dining disposables such as cups and plates and much more!

Our end-to-end service recycles all your collected plastic waste into new 100% recycled products such as furniture, planters, shop fitting and much more, which you can shop here.


ReWorked are creating a circular system by recycling plastic waste into practical, long lasting products that are better for the environment, and most important, are made by diverting waste and stopping pollution to our planet. 

Will you responsibly dispose of your hard to recycle plastics this Christmas?

See full list of accepted & unaccepted waste item here

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