Soft Plastic Recycling

ReWorked are known for tackling hard-to-recycle plastics & waste, recently making waves in the industry for their PPE, cosmetic & Soft plastic recycling schemes.

You’ve seen the headlines; many supermarkets, retailers & manufacturers now claim to be collecting soft & flexible plastics for recycling…but are yet to find a viable recycling route.

ReWorked provides an alternative solution! As part of our existing hard-to-recycle plastic service, we can now accept soft and flexible plastics.

Our goal is to provide public facing, accessible recycling schemes for all hard-to-recycle waste materials in the UK. Allowing businesses to execute their corporate social responsibility when it comes to waste & pollution.


You can watch our soft plastic recycling video to see the process.



We are creating a nationally recognised scheme that brands and retailers can participate in to encourage consumers to recycle tricky items in exchange for a meaningful reward.  

  1. Scan the recycling bins QR code to confirm the location 


  1. Scan the product and deposit it in the recycling bin 


The scheme is able to cater to general recyclable materials such as plastic bottles and aluminium cans, but also to packaging deemed ‘hard-to-recycle, such as crisp packets, baby food pouches, cosmetics packaging, flexible plastics etc.




We want to use the SchoolCycled project to educate the next generation about recycling, fragile ecosystems & sustainability. Our hard-to-recycle processes are at the forefront of innovation. But, ultimately, we need our children to become environmentalists, activists & scientists with the ability to create solutions to our pollution issues. 

The aim is to inspire, reward & educate through our bottle cap collection scheme. We provide schools with furniture, play equipment, signage and bins made from their own recycled waste to reward the kid’s participation.

We are seeking corporate sponsorship in order to roll this scheme out to as many deserving schools as possible.

If your school would like to get involved in the scheme you can register your interest here. 


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