Make an impact with your waste management

Make an impact with your waste management – COP26: COP OUT?


What are your feelings after COP26? Do you feel it’s just a ‘cop out’ by our leaders, not making any real or significant impact? Or has it just left you more confused? 

Many companies and individuals are now facing huge changes, and as with any government policy, these promises made by them will have to be designed and implemented by industry. A fact that is no doubt going to be daunting for many, and come as a fast-paced set of legal policies!

How can we make these changes and also keep on track with day-to-day operations? How can you be more sustainable and drive your company forward with environmental speed and positive impact?

As one of the country’s leading sustainability-driven waste management companies, we have consistently invested year on year in new technologies and new processes across our sites to enable a comprehensive and transparent system you can depend on to deliver your waste and sustainability goals. 



  • One of the UK’s only ‘non-recyclable’ plastic recycling processes, manufacturing products from sea waste, cosmetics, flexibles, films and even face masks and lateral flow test kits



  • Using materials including food waste, sludges, oils and fats, completely offsetting our own energy usage



  • Harvesting rain water and recycling millions of litres of our process and waste waters



  • Significant investment in insect protein production from waste materials for alternative and sustainable products for the aquatic and pet feed industry



  • We divert millions of packaged items and hazardous consumer products from incineration and completely recycle them



  • Current projects include on-site solar energy production, electric vehicle fleets and emissions monitoring


          ADDING VALUE

  • With wastes such as food, we’ll use it to manufacture pet feeds, before using it to produce power



  • Planting thousands of trees each year
    on our own land, we’re creating new habitats, bee meadows, clean water ponds and waterways for nature to thrive


These are just a few examples of our internal processing capabilities and the actual work we do every day that can help your business to become more sustainable.

ReWorked is a complete end-to-end waste management company where the production of valid and valued products happens in-house. We work with some of the biggest international brands on their sustainability mission – Boots, Walgreens, The Body Shop, DHL, Estée Lauder, Cranswick PLC, Biffa, Veolia and many more.

For more information on our full range of services, please get in touch today.
We are also happy to arrange visits to our facilities to see first-hand the benefits we can bring to your organisation. 

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