Recycling box schemes – We’re simply the best!

There is a trend for the returning and sending back of waste materials via the ever-growing courier service, which seems to be gaining in popularity. And with good cause, as our shift from retail-based high street shopping is now moving to fast-paced home delivery. We’re seeing an influx in delivery/collection vehicles on the road as a result. So why not utilise this system and capacity to return goods to central hubs for reuse, recycling and recovery. 

If done correctly and well managed it can only benefit the system. And our model firstly promotes the high street and backhaul to distribution method but also the direct courier method.


Image: Woman using Recycle at Boots take-back scheme box


So why is our box system better than the other box systems on the market?

1. The utmost and major difference that makes us stand out, we actually do all the recycling in-house, on our recycling hubs across Yorkshire! As we are 30 years established in the recycling industry and invest heavily in physical recycling, you are ensured that your waste is recycled by us – Not brokered to others for financial margins and false claims.


Image: Some of the MyGroup team at the Hull recycling hub.


2. We are the cheapest! That’s right even though our process costs are far higher, and our overheads are significantly larger. Our boxes are cheaper than many of the others on the market. From public access recycling boxes to brand-sponsored take back schemes (free for public use) the costs are lower to enable the scheme.

3. Our boxes are BIGGER! Bigger is better, so we made sure that our range of 4 shipping boxes are larger than others offered on the market. Meaning that they are even cheaper by volume. We even offer much larger pallet box systems of up to 1000ltr for businesses that have larger waste outputs.


Image: Disposable facemask going into a medium PPE recycling box


4. A-Z flow, we handle the whole process from collection to processing to final product design and manufacture, in-house. We do not ship our or broker materials to others. It’s a fully transparent, live system that be visited any time. We design, create and finish beautiful products made from the plastic we recycle – and we’re pretty proud of them!


recycled plastic planter

Image: Recycled plastic window box planter.


5. Fewer restrictions and more innovation. Our boxes accept a huge amount of materials, right the way through to being the first to recycle items like LFT kits and facemasks. We take out the issues of recycling single-use materials and make it far easier. While handling issues that may arise. We also have a hazardous packaging system (direct collection only) so we are far more versatile.

6. Transparent. You can visit the site and watch your waste go through whilst having a coffee! Where else can you do that? 

7. Investment. We re-invest back into the recycling infrastructure and people in the local community. Providing green jobs across the country.


Image: Arial shot of the MyGroup Hull recycling hub.


8. Trees! We plant a tree for every single box purchased, whether it’s via our website or by a brand to go in-store!


Look out for our new concepts where we will be adding zero-emission local collections to our list!!!


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