Our Carbon Negative Recycling Commitment

Our Carbon Negative Pledge

We’re dedicated as ReWorked and as MyGroup to being carbon negative across all our recycling operations. We track & trace the carbon footprint of each of our machines, processes, couriers & offices – to ensure we’re doing our bit!


Tree Planting

We pledge to plant a new tree for every single recycling box we send, to help offset the virgin cardboard produced. One tree equates to around 80 of our boxes on average, so planting one-for-one will ensure we’re continuously replenishing wood stocks more than we take. We also ensure all the boxes are recycled once returned to us at HQ.



Over the past 5 years, as a group, we’ve planted over 20,000 trees across Yorkshire. We will continue to do so with another 600sqm of land near Leeds confirmed for planting 4000 more trees.

Each recycling box helps develop new wildflower, woodland and meadow habitats in the UK.


Green Energy Production

Our food waste plant, The Maltings, South Milford, are responsible for all the food recycling & anaerobic digestion for MyGroup. The green energy produced as a group offsets the processing & machinery used to recycle all the collected waste.

Our food system produces 17,000 cubic meters of gas per day, powering over 6000 homes local to the plant in Yorkshire – we generate 5.5MW of electricity a year.



We also recover 300,000 litres of waste oil per annum, sending it to a biorefinery, with some used on-site to generate heat. Produce 200tons per week of waste wood-derived fuel for various wood power stations.

Our future sustainability plans include; installing solar panels to power our offices, getting a fleet of electric vehicles & encouraging staff to cycle to work. We are currently undergoing a carbon footprint validation on board production.


Diverting Waste

The idea behind our hard-to-recycle schemes is to divert waste from incineration & landfill on mass. In doing so, we’re able to lock away & capture that carbon, preventing unnecessary¬†CO2 from entering the atmosphere through these damaging waste solutions.


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