What items can you recycle in Boots stores? – Recycle at Boots

The Recycle at Boots scheme is specifically designed for recycling ‘hard to recycle’ beauty, health, wellness product packaging, which cannot typically be recycled through household curbside collections.


Recycle at Boots


For example, products that are too small (such as travel minis), made of multiple materials (eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, floss dispensers) or from non-recyclable materials (toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes).

Widely recyclable card and paper packaging, glass jars, aluminium packaging, shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gel plastic bottles etc., that can be recycled via household waste recycling channels are excluded from the scheme. Please check your local council for details.

Qualifying Items Include:

  • Travel minis
  • Eyeshadow pallets
  • Lipstick & lipgloss tubes
  • Plastic foundation bottles & tubes
  • Floss cases
  • Pump top bottles
  • Roll-on deodorants
  • Tub packaging
  • Packets
  • Plastic spray bottles
  • Plastic tubes, pens, cream sticks etc.

To see a full list of qualifying items, click here


Recycle at Boots box


Qualifying Items Must Be

  • Used and as empty as possible
  • Whole/complete in its original form – If a product is dismantled into component parts or items such as brushes and sponges are removed and submitted as separate items, they will not qualify.
  • Individual items from multipacks cannot be used as qualifying Items. These items must be submitted as part of the multipack initially purchased.

The scheme rewards Boots Advantage Card members with a total of 250 Advantage Card points when you spend £10 or more for recycling a minimum of five Qualifying Items (“the Reward”). You can find details of the voucher Terms & Conditions here

You can find details of the Boots Advantage Card Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

Find your nearest participating Boots store here.

Recycle at Boots is a scheme run by Boots, Scan2Recycle & MYGroup.


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