Return, Recycle, Repeat launches with The BodyShop

ReWorkedMYGroup & Scan2Recycle are thrilled to announce the launch of Return, Recycle & Repeat with The BodyShop – whereby customers can bring their cosmetic & beauty empties in-store to be recycled. 

It’s now available in all UK stores* with an aim to be in 800 stores across 14 countries by the end of 2021. Find out more


Bodyshop recycling scheme reworked


How does it work?

Step 1 – Make sure your beauty packaging, bottles, pipettes, pumps, mascaras and lip glosses (yep, we want those hard to recycle bits) are as empty as possible, clean and dry.

Step 2 – Bring them into a Bodyshop store and pop them in one of our Return, Recycle, Repeat bins. They even accept packaging from other brands!

Step 3 – They’ll come to ReWorked & MYGroup HQ to be recycled!

Cosmetic & bathroom product packaging is often considered ‘hard-to-recycle’, meaning kerbside services won’t take it. But this scheme is designed to process & recycle all the ‘non-recyclable’ material, preventing unnecessary landfill or incineration usage; instead, the waste is given a second life. 



The packaging undergoes a complex process, which sees every single piece recycled, regardless of the material type. It undergoes a quarantine before washing & shredding removes any remaining make-up & product. The shredded plastic mix is heated to over 200C and pressed into 100% recycled plastic boards.

The Body Shop’s founder, Anita Roddick, was one of the pioneers in recycling cosmetics, as in 1993, the company introduced a ‘Bring Back Our Bottle’ recycling scheme. 

Linda Campbell, Managing Director UK & Ireland, The Body Shops, says: “Our founder Anita Roddick pioneered the philosophy that business can be a force for good, and this belief is still The Body Shop’s driving force. With sustainability in business more important than ever, we’ve set ourselves ambitious targets to innovate and improve in all areas of our business by 2030.”


bodyshop return recycle repeat


Return, Recycle, Repeat is just one of many recent commitments made by The Body Shop, with the view to set the highest possible bar in sustainable and ethical beauty. They are launching in-store refill stations and new vegan ranges of products throughout 2021.

Find your nearest participating store >>>

*Excludes London Bridge, Birmingham New Street Station, Stansted Airport and Edinburgh Airport.

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