Introducing the ReWorked tree planting scheme in Yorkshire

We’re proud to announce our tree planting scheme. We pledge to plant a new tree for every single recycling box we send, to help offset the virgin cardboard produced.



On average, one tree equates to around 80 of our boxes, so planting one-for-one will ensure we’re continuously replenishing wood stocks more than we take. We’re also dedicated to ensuring all boxes, shrouds and cardboard items produced are recycled once returned to us at HQ.

To become a part of our rewilding project, simply purchase one of our recycling boxes, and a tree will be planted in your name. 



MYGroup has planted over 20,000 trees across our local Yorkshire region over the past 5 years alone. Continuing this trend, we’ve secured another 600sqm of land near Leeds that has been approved for planting our following 4000 trees as part of this project.



We’re proud to support natural ecosystems locally and continue to regenerate land – developing new wildflower, woodland and meadow habitats in the UK. 

The ReWorked tree planting scheme is just one of many projects being undertaken by MYGroup to ensure we are carbon negative and contributing positively to the environment by offsetting our production & processing.

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