Demand rises for soft plastic recycling in UK supermarkets

A petition asking UK supermarkets to set up soft plastic recycling schemes in-store for their customers is gathering pace on

The petition mentions household names such as Tesco, Sainsburys & Asda, demanding a FREE solution for flexible plastic waste.


Demand rises for soft plastic recycling in UK supermarkets


Food products such as packaged fruit & veg, crisp packets, plastic film and carrier bags have been unchanged for years, using masses of soft plastic considered to be ‘hard-to-recycle’.

Kerbside recyclers in the UK are yet to offer the service, leaving the duty to the manufacturers & retailers.

Headlines claim some retailers are now offering soft plastic recycling & have in-store collection points. But very little evidence has been given to customers that any of the plastic collected is ever made into something new.

Innovative recyclers ReWorked are breaking through the mould, offering full-service recycling on a large scale for plastic waste considered ‘non-recyclable by most. Their forward-thinking technologies enable them to tackle even the most complex, hard-to-recycle plastic items.

Izzie Glazzard, ReWorked, says, “Through innovation and experimentation, we’ve developed a process to take flexible plastics and remanufacture them into new products. We’re challenging the impossible and are now seeking to partner with a UK supermarket to bring soft plastic recycling into the mainstream.”

With the UK public becoming more environmentally conscious, creating a FREE, UK wide accessible scheme for flexible plastics is undoubtedly needed.

If you want to get involved with the scheme, you can sign the petition today –

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