What Covid-19 health & safety measures are in place at ReWorked?

ReWorked have an in-house assigned health & safety manager and a third-party compliance officer to ensure standards are always upheld. The health & safety of our staff is of the utmost importance at all times.

Health & safety inspector visited for our most recent covid-19 compliance check on 23/03/2020 and confirmed we are following guidelines & regulations to ensure safe handling of materials.  


ReWorked recycling box scheme measures

  • Boxes are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before processing.
  • Delivery drivers maintain social distancing from our staff at all times.
  • All recycling boxes come with an LPDE box liner.
  • Users of recycling boxes, PPE boxes in particular, are advised to not to touch inside of the box or LPDE liner once filled with waste.

Our partner company Mytum & Selby, are based at the same location in Hull. They are responsible for the processing & recycling element of our operation.


COVID-19 Statement

Mytum & Selby Hull Ltd & ReWorked Products Ltd are implementing the following measures.

  • We are following government advice and recommendations, including face coverings in all operational and office areas.  
  • All staff who can work from home have been equipped to do so.
  • We are asking that all non-essential meetings are carried out via call conferencing / video facilities.
  • We have implemented cloud-based operating systems to ensure that our business can continue to operate seamlessly, and all staff can log in and work as usual.
  • We operate a large-scale waste operation with multiple waste reception and processing lines where working from home is not always possible. We will ensure we follow the latest guidance issued by the UK’s Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum (WISH) about managing COVID-19 risks for waste management activities. 

Mytum & Selby Hull Ltd & ReWorked Products Ltd. are committed to offering a high-quality service throughout these difficult times and would reiterate that we are trying to continue business as usual wherever possible.


Expanded COVID preventative measures that we have in place on-site are as follows;

  • Daily temperature checks for all staff.
  • Risk assessment in place.
  • All staff have completed online COVID-19 awareness training.
  • Perspex Screen at reception, all persons entering reception must wear a mask.
  • Essential Visitors by appointment only to ensure the ability to maintain social distancing.
  • Operators have bleach solutions to spray down plant and equipment.
  • Hand wash areas are adequate & sanitiser stations are placed around the site for people to use; these are inspected weekly to ensure sufficient supplies.
  • Anyone moving from their own seated work area are wearing face masks.
  • Cleaning has been escalated to ensure all high use areas, e.g. door handles, are wiped down regularly to reduce transmission risk.
  • Offices and break areas have been managed to ensure social distancing.


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