What should I do once my recycling box is full?

So you’ve been working hard for months, carefully filling up your recycling box with accepted items. But what should you do once the box is full? Here’s the lowdown on the steps you need to follow to get it back to ReWorked HQ ready to be recycled!


Zero waste recycling box reworked


Step 1 – Make sure everything inside the box is compressed. We want you to get as much value from the box as possible, so fill it right up!

Step 2 – Securely attach the full-coverage box lid provided.

Step 3 – Tape and secure the box to ensure no spillages can occur.

Step 4 – Contact us at accounts@reworked.com to receive a courier label via email. Print off your label & attach it to your box.

Step 5 – Call us on 01482 22111o or email us at accounts@reworked.com to arrange your collection.

Step 6 – Order a replacement box!


Find out what happens to your box once it gets to ReWorked HQ > HERE.

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