Helping to clean up Brighton’s beaches

ReWorked has happily begun a collaborative project to help clean up the fishing & angling waste littering Brighton’s beach fronts. The Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme is a national scheme to enable recycling fishing line rather than sending it to landfill. Founded by Local Independent Sea Anglers but open to all.



We connected with the scheme, offering them a viable recycling route for tricky fishing waste. Often this waste is degraded by the sea, dirty and tangled in with hooks & other debris. This combination makes it extremely difficult to recycle using traditional methods.

Our innovative recycling processes allow us to take this collected waste by the tonne & recycle it, hooks and all! The ocean-waste goes on to become recycled plastic boards. Some of the panels even become rod stands, used by fishermen themselves involved in the scheme.

The Pipe Bin Project has so far installed drop off points at 3 locations; Albion Groyne, Norfolk Groyne & D5 Hove Lawns. The #LeaveNoTraceBrighton team have been an incredible help in providing volunteers to service the bins regularly. The project amazingly is also funded by Brighton & Hove council – It’s music to our ears hearing of local councils supporting such recycling initiatives.



Since their installation on December 20th the scheme has collected 164kgs of fishing waste! Including nets, spools, line, hooks etc.

A massive thank-you to everyone who continues to make this important project possible. We can’t wait to see which beach-front could be next in taking on the scheme & helping make their local environment safer for ocean life.


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