#2MinuteBeachClean Trash to treasure

ReWorked are thrilled to be collaborating with #2MinuteBeachClean on their latest project; dubbed “The biggest breakthrough in beach cleaning in 15 years” by The 2 Minute Foundation’s CEO, Martin Dorey.



The 2 Minute Foundation, who runs the scheme approached us to discuss recycling their volunteer collected beach waste. Many recycling services use granulation techniques to process waste plastic, but this technique is only possible for a small selection of polymer types (considered valuable & easy to process). Another issue with beach & ocean waste is often it’s partly degraded or covered in bio-waste/dirt. This combination posed a problem to #2MinuteBeachClean & their ethos, as much of the collected waste was going to landfill, and considered non-recyclable. That’s where ReWorked come in!


#2MinuteBeachClean litter picking station beach clean


We provided new insight and a willingness to innovate that changed the game. Using our thorough cleaning machinery, we can remove any residues that have collected on the plastic. Then rather than granulating, we shred the waste into 5mm pieces. Once the cleaning & shredding process is complete, the mixture is carefully balanced to an exact recipe. The blend contains waste plastic collected from manufacturing waste streams, canal cleans, take-back schemes etc. 


2 minute foundation beach clean waste plastic recycling


The shredded plastic mix is layered into our board making mill, heated to above 200C & pressed into plastic boards. The boards go on to become the iconic #2MinuteBeachClean litter picking stations. 


#2MinuteBeachClean boards


This is a stunning example of a closed-loop process in action, doing good for the planet in more ways than one and diverting tonnes of ocean plastic away from landfill. Now the prototypes have been approved; we will take 3 tonnes of collected ocean waste to create the first 100 stations. 


beach clean up stations


We’re loving supporting The 2 Minute Foundation, and their #2MinuteBeachClean volunteers & will continue to work with them to recycle the collected waste nobody else considered valuable. 

But how can you help? Their next steps are…

  • Getting sponsors to help roll out the stations all over the UK and beyond.
  • Sourcing green transport to help us transport marine litter to our processor.
  • Find more volunteer beach cleaners who can gather and store marine plastic.
  • Seeking funding to make the first 100 stations.

Contact nicky@2minute.org if you can help them out in any way.

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