What happens to the recycling boxes at ReWorked HQ?

So you might be wondering, what exactly happens to the recycling boxes at ReWorked HQ?

We’ve written a quickfire step-by-step of each part of the process once your filled box is sent back to us.

If you need to know HOW to send back your box to ReWorked HQ >>> Read here.


recycling box process reworked stormboard


  • Once the box arrives at the depot via courier, the recycling process can begin. Firstly the details & weight of the box are recorded on our system. 


  • Your box then goes into ‘lockdown’ for 72 hours. We know it’s a phrase we don’t want to hear, but due to Covid-19, we have to ensure we quarantine the box for at least three days. Especially important if you’ve taken part in our #ReclaimTheMask scheme!


  • Once the quarantine ends we transfer the boxes to our sorting tables (built from recycled plastic of course). The material is split & manually checked by our trained staff. We are looking for un-accepted material initially, but we know how good our Reworkers are, so find very few issues.


  • During the initial sorting, we remove any glass and metal parts for recycling.


  • The plastics then go through our pre-shredding system to open the structure up. As we accept materials with residues, this process is vital to opening up the material to be washed.

shredded plastic recycling box


  • High-pressure washing and high frication remove the residues which we then deal with through our organics facility.


  • Once clean, the materials are shredded again – This time into 5mm pieces. This is blended with other plastics (to an exact recipe for consistency) to make up the core of our boards.

5mm shredded plastic recycling process


  • The plastic mix is taken to the board mill to be pressed into 8×4 sheets. The Stormboard press lays two ‘outer coatings’ and a core, before using heat to fuse into a durable sheet.

stormboards 100% recycled plastic sheet


  • The plastic has now been officially recycled into a product bound for a new life!

can bench recycled plastic product coke


  • Recycling points are added to your account to reward you for recycling with us. You can later redeem these points to be spent on our products, new boxes or gift to a charity, project or volunteer group. (Points system launching soon)


Here at ReWorked were always going one step further in ensuring our closed-loop system is truly closed. Our ReSure policy means that we will aid all those that sign up to our system to recover and recycle any item or products we supply. Any product we produce can be recycled over and over, having a never-ending life cycle.


Even the cardboard box goes through our shredding and cutting machine to make new packaging material and the LDPE liner goes to our UK partner who makes them back into our next batch of green liners. Nothing gets wasted! 

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