#ReclaimTheMask – What is reclaim the mask?

So, what is #ReclaimTheMask all about? Reclaim The Mask is a recycling initiative by ReWorked, created to reduce plastic pollution caused by COVID-19 disposable masks & gloves. 

Working alongside businesses, individuals & volunteer groups to divert tonnes of PPE waste from becoming environmental trash, ending up in landfills & being incinerated. 


ReWorked PPE recycling box.


The Problem

The coronavirus pandemic has seen a considerable rise in the use of single-use face masks & other PPE items. Globally we are currently using 129 billion face masks & 65 billion plastic gloves every month. Those are harrowing stats for the health of our planet. 

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste already ends up in the world’s oceans every year, and the impact of COVID-19 will only increase those figures.



In April, the government advised people to dispose of used masks in their general waste bins. But growing evidence tells us enormous amounts of PPE is disposed of improperly, with masks & gloves found littered around parks & beaches worldwide. 

“It is vitally important that we do not let the impact Covid-19 has had on human health be used as an excuse to further damage the health of our planet” – Dr Jennifer Cole, Northern European Regional Hub Coordinator of the Planetary Health Alliance at the Royal Holloway University of London. The core question remains, how can people dispose of masks in an environmentally friendly way?


The Solution – Reclaim The Mask

Shocked into action by increasing evidence of environmental damage, we created a solution that allows PPE, including disposable masks, gloves & visors, to be fully recycled. 

#ReclaimTheMask was born.

Standard disposable masks are made of PP (polypropylene), which we can use here at ReWorked to create our Stormboards (a durable board made from 100% recycled plastic). Utilising innovative technology, we can use our ‘giant waffle’ making machine to create new products from waste materials. 


Tiles made from recycled PPE waste.


After a 72hr (minimum) quarantine period, the PPE material is washed, shredded & mixed to a specific recipe before heading to the board mill, heated to 200C+ & pressed into boards. 

The boards go on to become building materials, shopfitting boards, furniture & even more PPE collection & sanitiser stations.

This is a solution that completely ‘closes the loop’ when it comes to minimising the pandemic’s environmental damage. Reclaim The Mask aims to utilise this innovative technology to reduce the amount of waste PPE that ends up in our natural environments.


Stormboards made from 100% recycled waste plastics.


What is #ReclaimTheMask

#ReclaimTheMask is a campaign launched by ReWorked to help spread the core facts & importance of safely collecting used PPE and recycling it properly. 

ReWorked want to collect as many disposable masks as possible to prevent damage to the planet & our fragile ecosystems. Experts say there are now more disposable face masks in the ocean than jellyfish – and we want to be a part of minimising those statistics. 

We aim to do this by spreading awareness, provoking thought & making our mask collection services widely available & providing PPE recycling bins or boxes to businesses and locations that need them. 

We want all individuals to have access to this critical service, with a core focus on companies that use large amounts of masks each week. 


PPE Collection & sanitiser bins 


How can you help Reclaim The Mask?

If you are an individual – Sharing the message is more valuable than ever! Many people aren’t aware that disposable mask recycling is even possible. So, please spread the message, use the #ReclaimTheMask hashtag and share our content as much as possible. Find our content on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn & YouTube.

If you are a business (or key player) – Join the scheme! PPE collection & sanitiser stations & PPE recycling boxes are available to purchase – or you can contact our team directly – sales@myrefactory.com

We will arrange regular waste pick-ups, and you can sleep soundly, knowing every last mask will be made into something new. Taking responsibility environmentally as a business has growing importance to your customers – showing you’re considering your impact not only helps the planet but also shows your company values. We pride ourselves on assisting companies PR & marketing efforts when participating in our recycling schemes – contact marketing@reworked.com for more info.

As a brand, we also recommend sponsoring a bin; it’s a simple way to help the cause and serves as a brilliant promotional tool.

Get in touch at sales@myrefactory.com for more information.

If you are a news outlet/media – Sharing the message for us is critical! If you’d like to chat about how you can assist the campaign, get in touch at marketing@reworked.com




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