5 Sustainable Halloween Hacks

Halloween has us all screaming with excitement, especially the little ones. Unfortunately, it usually goes along the lines of “Please can I have this giant plastic spider!!! And oh oh, we need these vampire’s teeth”. The plastic consumption surrounding spooky season is enough to scare anyone. To help you have a more sustainable Halloween, we’ve made a list of our favourite DIY craft hacks.

1. Toilet-Roll Bats

Photo credit: Mollymoocrafts – http://mollymoocrafts.com/

Step 1 – Take your toilet roll (or kitchen roll) tube and fold in the top to create the ears & glue into position.

Step 2 – Cut out some black bat wings (preferably from black paper or card) & glue onto your roll.

Step 3 – Draw on some cute, spooky bat faces.

Step 4 – Attach some string to your toilet roll bats and hang around the house.

2. Tin Can Lanterns

Sustainable recycled tin can Halloween lantern crafts

Photo credit: http://rebelsmakerspace.com/

Step 1 – Save up your empty food tins & give them a good cleanout.

Step 2 – Paint black – Check the shed for any left-over paints.

Step 3 – Draw on your desired pattern / spooky design.

Step 4 – Use a drill to create your dotted pattern.

Step 5 – Attach some wire or string, place in a tea-light and enjoy the Halloween vibes.

3. Pumpkins & Gourds

Halloween pumpkins and gourds sustainable

Photo credit: Briana Tozour on Unsplash

Pumpkins and gourds are really the king of sustainable Halloween decorations. You can paint, drill & carve them. Or leave them natural and place around the home amongst some autumnal flowers and pine cones. Don’t forget if you do carve your pumpkin to save the seeds for roasting with a little salt, they make for a delicious treat.

4. Sheet Ghost

recycled Halloween craft sheet ghost

Image credit: inhabitat.com

Step 1 – Grab that old, dishevelled sheet from the cupboard.

Step 2 – Use an old newspaper to crumple up into a ball, to form the head shape.

Step 3 – Attach your sheet to the head & add a string for hanging.

Step 4 – Draw your spooky ghost a face.

Step 5 – Add more string if desired to make arms / change the shape of your ghost and hang from a tree or in the house (somewhere that will scare your guests).

5. Milk Monsters

recycled sustainable Halloween crafts milk carton bottle ghosts monsters

Photo credit: earth911.com

This is fabulously easy to give your milk bottles a second life before they head into your recycling bin.

Step 1 – Cut a hole in the base of your milk bottle.

Step 2 – Decorate – Ghoul and zombie faces look brilliant!

Step 3 – Use some fairy lights to illuminate your milk bottle. Feed the fairy lights through the hole in the bottom on the bottle & secure to the lid of the milk bottle using some tape or blu-tac.

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